Vendor Risk Managed Services

As organizations of all sizes become more dependent on third-party vendor relationships to manage and process their most critical information, understanding the key policies, security practices, and other key controls your vendors use to protect your information becomes critical to efficiently and securely running your enterprise.

Cayden Security Vendor Risk Managed Services (VRMS) accomplishes this by offering the technology, process, and people necessary to efficiently understand vendor risk, help you remediate inefficient controls, and better protect your organization from third-party risks. A VRMS subscription provides a single annual assessment by Cayden Security and the software and dashboards to monitor the rest of your third-party vendors.

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With Cayden Security Vendor Risk Managed Services (VRMS), you can:

  • Understand potential data loss from your vendors within the context of their business and your business relationship
  • Automate to scale your assessment process with standardized content and a standardized process
  • Reduce the cost associated with your existing manual process and internal infrastructure
  • Understand organizations risk appetite and security objectives and configure Cayden Security Vendor Risk Managed Services (VRMS) software to reflect company’s requirements
  • Accumulate vendor assessments and corresponding required artifacts
  • Work with vendors to initiate risk workflow for identified gaps
  • Provide risk recommendation report based on information accumulated, industry intelligence and contextual risk environment
  • Monitor 24/7 vendor threat intelligence with Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor (VTM)
  • Ranks vendors, collects evidence for the review workflow, and performs assessments of each third-party vendor
  • Provides a Vendor Assessment Dashboard and delivers vendor assessment reports that include findings and mitigation recommendations
  • Includes continuous monitoring from Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor (VTM) that provides supplemental data points about a vendor’s threat environment, regulatory issues, corporate brand events, and other issues outside of required reporting


  • Reputation for offering cutting-edge technologies and highly automated services that are proven to help organizations reduce, manage and monitor the security threats and risks associated with third-party vendors.
  • Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager (VRM), offered through Cayden Security, was recognized as the only Visionary for IT Vendor Risk Management two years in a row in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
  • Integrated Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor (VTM) provides real-time third-party risk profiles.
  • Experienced and qualified team of Certified Third-Party Risk Professionals (CTPRM). Other credentials include MBA, CISSP, PMP, CISM.
  • Commitment to providing “information anywhere, security everywhere” through established processes and service delivery methodologies.
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