Vendor Threat Monitor

Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor LogoPrevalent Vendor Threat Monitor (PVTM) is a dynamic, vendor risk intelligence platform that monitors key threats being assessed within Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager or the Prevalent Vendor Assess Service. PVTM aggregates key threat information from multiple external sources to identify potential risks, scores these risks across multiple risk areas, and notifies your organizations vendor relationship owners.

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Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor (PVTM) is an additional security layer that works with either Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager or Prevalent Vendor Assess. This solution allows organizations to continuously monitor key relationship risk areas, including:

  • Data Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Brand Risk


Organizations using the Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager service to assess vendors and service providers can opt to add PVTM to watch for potential risks that were identified. PVTM will notify the risk manager associated with the relationship to determine whether the risk poses an actual threat to the organization. Data types that are part of this analysis include external data breach notification, IP reputation and malware for known domains, financial analysis, and other publicly available information.

Key Data Risk Sources

  • IP Reputation
  • Credit
  • Malware
  • Financial
  • Stock Market
  • Government Watch
  • Data Disclosures
  • Web Discovery

Vendor risk assessment is generally a point-in-time look at whether a third-party vendor, service, or technology is secure and compliant enough to meet your requirements. However, due to the rapid pace of innovation, increased data breach risk, and significant regulatory pressure, organizations need a mechanism to continuously monitor relationships for potential risks. What is secure one day might not be the next. Prevalent Vendor Threat Monitor (PVTM) gives you the visibility you need between your assessments.

With PVTM you are able to:

  • Get real-time risk information about your third-party relationships.
  • More easily meet regulatory requirements for vendor monitoring.
  • Integrate directly into Prevalent Vendor Risk Manager for easy use.
  • Better manage technical, operational, and financial risks over time.
  • Identify potential risks before they become legal liabilities to the business.
  • More continuously manage your 3rd party risks instead of just point-in-time assessments.
  • Receive notifications of potential data breaches without being dependent on your third-parties.
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