Today’s security environment is extremely fast paced and fraught with challenges. Cyber security and data breaches are now board level conversations where no one is immune to the potential threat. Having the right mix of technology, policy, processes, and security expertise is a balancing act that organizations often struggle to properly coordinate; leading to major security vulnerability and exposure. The Prevalent security services practice brings together the leading security professionals, security best practices approach, project management, development resources, and technology partnerships to ensure you are able to proactively manage today’s major security challenges, threats, and vulnerabilities.

For times when the inevitable data breach becomes a reality, Prevalent is a trusted partner to marshal the appropriate resources and respond; maximizing speed to recovery and minimizing cost.

  • Security/Vulnerability/Configuration Assessment 
  • Company infrastructures have changed radically over time as both business and end user requirements evolve.  These changes have created a landscape of networks shaped by countless infrastructure components and security configurations.  Most organizations worry about risk exposures created both inadvertently and maliciously to their networks due to these ever increasing complex networks. Prevalent Networks professional services organization offers several services in support of identifying risks to existing network and security configurations.

    Prevalent’s vulnerability assessment services can be tailored based on business and compliance requirements:

    • With prior knowledge of the network environment and/or;
    • Without prior knowledge of the network environment and;
    • Externally without access from the internal network and/or;
    • Internally with full access to all network resources

    These security, vulnerability, and/or configuration assessments help you:

    • Review the existing configuration of network devices and policies against best practice
    • Identify existing un-patched vulnerabilities that could impact production IT functions
    • Understand relative risks of vulnerabilities based on asset and network architecture
    • Know and take action on remediation recommendations
    • Produce reporting to satisfy internal and external compliance requirements
  • Managed Security Services (powered by Symantec) 
  • The Prevalent Cloud Services Aggregation Platform (Prevalent ONE) is a cloud-based solution that provides unified management of your compliance and security services. To learn more about the integrated solutions that fit inside the platform, please click through the links below:

    Prevalent Cloud Services Aggregation Platform Infographic


    • MessageLabs – Symantec Hosted Services secure and manage information stored on endpoints and delivered via email, web, and instant messaging.
    • Prevalent Compliance as a Service (PCaaS), a cloud-based services delivery platform and managed service for Symantec Control Compliance Suite (CCS).
    • Symantec Managed Services offer unmatched security analysis and insight that provides monitored and managed security services for your network including.
  • Security Incident Management and Reporting 
  • Security incidents have become a daily occurrence.  However, they often do not need to mean the loss of millions of dollars.  Organizations are looking for a way to understand network risks in real-time to help analyze, understand, and combat network risks.  You want to better define how to evaluate, investigate, rate, escalate, resolve, and report security incidents quickly before they become much greater threats; while automating the process and managing costs and staff.  Dealing with a security threat and knowing how to respond needs to be identified in advance of an event.  Trying to advance a program and create the procedures, teams, and technologies during an event is too late.

    Prevalent Networks specializes in creating incident management programs tailored to your company’s unique needs.  Prevalent consultants can assist in drafting the necessary policies, procedures, escalation workflow, technology requirements, integration, and implementation of your plan.

    Whether you are looking for a 24×7 real-time Security Operations Center (SOC), managed security services to compliment your internal staff, or simple electronic alerting of events – Prevalent can work closely with your staff to plan, architect, deploy, and support your security incident program.


  • Rapid Incident Response Services 
  • If you are dealing with a security incident caused by a virus, worm, Trojan, misconfiguration, malicious user, or are unsure exactly what is happening in the network and how to stop it, Prevalent Networks stands ready to assist. Prevalent Networks offers immediate access to top information security consultants to help better deal with a security incident as it is unfolding.

    Prevalent Incident Response consultants can assist in:

    • Helping to isolate a security incident
    • Identifying the root cause
    • Formulating a clean-up strategy
    • Execution of the clean-up
    • Providing post-incident compliance reporting


    In addition, once an incident has been successfully dealt with, Prevalent can work to make sure that your environment is in a secure, compliant state and that the correct procedures, technologies, and people are in place to make sure you are better prepared in the future.

  • Security Awareness Training 
  • As organizations attempt to implement technologies to ward off security threats, often many avoidable threats are lurking inside the environment by the actions or inactions of your users.  For example, Prevalent Networks has seen internal sales, administrative, and even executives write, domain, and other credentials on Post-It notes under their keyboards or in unlocked cabinets.  Is this familiar?

    Have you also seen these user activities in your environment?

    • Sharing ID and badges for physical access to buildings and computers.
    • Weak passwords using common dictionary phrases or names.
    • Cluttered desks with client, employee, or other sensitive information.
    • Sending corporate information to personal email accounts.


    These and other activities often threaten corporate information as much, if not more than, malicious threats. However, these can often be mitigated with the correct security training. Prevalent works closely with Symantec to develop a security awareness training program that can be tailored for your:

    • IT Staff
    • Executive Users
    • Administrative Users
    • End Users
    • Consultants


    These programs can specify the security risks that exist in the environment and better prepare users to:

    • Create more secure, complex passwords based on corporate policy.
    • Know when to share or not share information.
    • Understand what information is critical and where it should be stored.
  • Security Awareness Effectiveness Assessment/Testing 
  • Understanding whether your security awareness efforts are making the proper impact is essential to determine whether additional training is required and how well prepared your users are to respond to different security issues including:

    • Email from unknown senders that can introduce malware
    • Social engineering from a non-employee looking for password or other business information
    • What steps to take in the event of a security incident or disaster
    • How to safeguard confidential and sensitive information
    • How to spot and report irregular behavior that could create organizational impact
    • How to physically protect corporate assets


    A Prevalent Networks Security Awareness Effectiveness Assessment can identify how powerful your corporate security training is and make recommendations for improvement (should you need it).  Prevalent will review current training based on user responsibility and job title; And use survey, direct response, social engineering techniques, and interviewing/role playing to gauge user security aptitude.  Prevalent will further look for security risk based on responses to identify areas that users have concerns that may not have been addressed by current training.  This will offer a roadmap for future security training and keep the security staff apprised of security issues impacting users.

    Security awareness training offers organizations the ability to educate users on security issues and practical measures that can help deter incidents from occurring without the need for technical deterrence.

  • Secure Remote Access and Branch Office Connectivity 
  • As the number of corporate regulations and IT frameworks continue to expand, organizations are looking for ways to confirm that organizational policies are adequate to meet the current challenges.  If you have dealt with the following you may want to consider this service:

    • Internal audit requests for new regulatory requirements
    • Management requirements for IT framework integration (ISO, CobiT, ITIL, etc…)
    • Acquisition of another company
    • Recently have gone public
    • Recently opened a US subsidiary
    • Recently started a new line of business in a regulated industry
    • Looking at opportunities in a regulated industry
    • Dealing with the following regulations and not receiving guidance from audit:
      • PCI
      • HIPAA
      • SOX
      • J-SOX
      • State Privacy/Breach Regulations (i.e. CA SB 1386, etc…)


    Prevalent Networks compliance policy review and mapping can confirm and identify your organization’s compliance requirements and map these against existing policies to determine gaps between the existing policy and those required for compliance.  Additionally, policy recommendations and guidance will be offered as a roadmap for building new policies.

  • SEP Jumpstart 
  • Prevalent Endpoint Protection Jumpstart is a program designed by Prevalent Networks to ensure your endpoints and your business are protected, monitored and managed effectively.

    Through the use of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), Prevalent Networks Consulting Services, and Prevalent Managed Security Services (MSS), your environment will be assessed, designed, transformed and transitioned to security operations for reliable threat prevention, reporting, monitoring and management.

  • Advanced Threat Protection 
  • Symantec Managed Security Services -Advanced Threat Protection and Symantec Advanced Threat Protection Solution correlates alerts and intelligence across a range of security technologies to deliver more comprehensive attack prevention. Symantec’s holistic methodology captures the benefits achieved when security technologies work together, transforming the complex fight against advanced threats into a manageable function that delivers stronger protection and more value to businesses.

    Symantec’s innovative security technologies and global intelligence already provide strong advanced threat protection, and the company will build on this core heritage to develop defenses that protect as sophisticated attacks evolve. ATP is informed by what Symantec has learned about advanced threats though its existing endpoint solutions that protect a base of 200 million endpoints, and from its current email and web security solutions that review over 8.4 billion email messages and 1.7 billion web requests a day.

  • Application Security Services 
  • The Prevalent Application Security Testing Program begins by identifying the set of critical applications and supporting infrastructure to evaluate.  These might be grouped within a specific scope (e.g. Internet facing or PCI applications), those that inherently represent the highest risk, and/or those that are the most widely used.  Once this has been identified, Prevalent will work with you to identify the criticality of the applications as well as map the appropriate Veracode policy. 

    Your application binaries will then be sent to the platform for analysis and Prevalent will scan and manually review the supporting infrastructure components.  Once Veracode and Prevalent have compiled the results of the initial assessment, a remediation plan and executive presentation will be developed.  In the results meeting, Prevalent will review the overall findings against your policy to identify whether your internal and/or third party apps are meeting your standards.  The remediation plan will be reviewed and guidance will be offered for on-going testing and reporting.

    In all, the effort should take about 2-3 weeks from start to finish and offer significant insight into how securely your development team is coding and/or how secure your third party software is written against its criticality in the environment.  With the use of this programmatic approach and the Veracode platform we are able to offer this program at a significant discount over other manual-only methods of application security review.

  • IT Risk Assessment 
  • Risk is often a fuzzy term that people have a hard time quantifying.  Prevalent risk assessment services utilizes risk management best practices and Prevalent expert consultants to identify and help bring clarity to potential risks that may impact your organization.



Regular, on-going assessments assist organizations in making sure changes made between assessments do not introduce additional risk.  Additionally, Prevalent Networks can work with your staff to support making the recommended changes should you desire.

Please contact your dedicated Prevalent Networks account manager, call us at 877-PREVALENT (773-8253), or fill out the form to the right to receive additional information regarding how Prevalent Networks security services can benefit your organization.

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